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Process Serving

Process serving is the delivery of legal documents, to the person to whom they are intended for. Quite often it is not sufficient to simply post the paperwork to the recipient and the Court requires personal service.  This is where Gavin, as a qualified Process Server steps in and does all the hard work for you.


Sometimes, the recipients of court documents can be deliberately evasive, difficult to find or sometimes quite volatile.  By instructing professional Process Servers, all of the risks are with us.


If you need a professional, reliable and efficient Process Server then look no further.  


We operate a nationwide service depending on your requirements


Standard Service - £150.00 fixed fee (1 address)

Upon receipt of documents from you either via email or hard copy depending on the requirements we will endeavour to make the first attendance to serve legal paperwork within 3 working days.


If contact is not made with the recipient during the first attendance, we will make up to 3 attendances where necessary, included in the fixed fee.  We warrant that at least one of these visits will be out of hours to ensure the best possible chance of locating the intended recipient. 


You will be updated after each and every attendance to the service address and confirm as and when service has been effective.  


After service, you will receive the relevant proof of service in our standard fixed format, fully compliant with legal and Court requirements.


​If no contact is made within 3 visits, you will still be provided with a document setting out the attempts made to effect service.  We are able to accept further instruction to attempt service at an additional address for a further fixed fee, please speak to us about this if and when the matter arises.


Urgent Service – £varies 

We understand that sometimes important court paperwork needs to be served sooner than our standard 3 day time frame.  As such we offer a more urgent service depending on your requirements. Generally, this can be accommodated within a matter of hours depending on availability.


What documents can we serve?

  • Insolvency Paperwork such as Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions, Winding Up Petitions

  • Debt Paperwork such as Claim Forms, Interim and Final Charging Orders, Freezing Orders, N39, N79a and N61 Orders

  • Family Paperwork such as matters under the Children Act, Divorce Paperwork and Petitions, Family Law Act Paperwork including Non Molestation Orders and any ex parte orders

  • Property Paperwork such as Break Notices, Notices to Determine Lease, Claim for Possession of Land/Property

  • Landlord & Tenant Paperwork such as Claim for Possession of Land/Property, Order for Possession


To instruct, please simply complete the Process Server Instruction Form and send any paperwork to 


Po Box 7845


NN17 9HS


Or via email


Complete the short enquiry form below

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