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Legal Advice & Assistance

As an experienced Barrister with a diverse practice base spanning the last 15 years, Micaila is well versed in many areas of law and is fully qualified to assist you as an individual or in business whatever your legal needs.


We provide both a proactive and reactive service to suit your particular needs. With a professional yet friendly service described as “second to none” Micaila’s personable manner and expertise will provide you with a cradle to grave service for all your legal needs.


Everyone’s legal needs are different and if instructed, Micaila will talk you through all the possible options, outcomes and costs in order to find a service that meets you and your needs.  Because of the wide range of services required by individuals and businesses, it is difficult to set out everything that Micaila may be able to do for you, but the following should provide you with a good idea of the work she can undertake on your behalf.


​​Business Services Include:-


Drafting or Advising on:-

Employment Contracts

Contracts for Sale

Contracts for Services

Terms and Conditions of Business

Tenancy Agreements

Settlement Agreements

Loan Agreements

Certification of Documents

Swearing of Oaths

HSE Training & Advice

Debt Recovery including:-

Pre-Action Letters

Issuing Statutory Demands

Enforcement Action

Employment Law Advice & Assistance

Complete HR Function

All General Civil Litigation

Commercial Lease Agreements

Resolving Conflict with retailers, suppliers, Clients or Customers

Injunctions including Breach of Restrictive Covenant

Applying for Trademarks

Individual Services Include:-

Advising on:-

Settlement Agreements


Advice & Assistance on:-

All criminal matters including motoring

All Employment issues

All consumer issues including car disputes/faulty goods

All Landlord & Tenant Issues

Certification of Documents

Swearing of Oaths



Debt Recovery including:-

Pre-Action Letters

Issuing Statutory Demands

Enforcement Action Power of Attorney

Neighbour Disputes

Non Molestation Orders


If you do not see what you are looking for, or if you are simply not sure what you need, please do get in touch on 01536 650950 or and we will be only to pleased to point you in the right direction.  


Of course, sometimes there is no other option that Court/Tribunal action, and Micaila is the top of her game when on her feet fighting for her Clients at Court or Tribunal.  


Please see Court Representation for further details as to how Micaila can help if you are required to attend Court or Tribunal.


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